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For the past several years the medical device industry has been working to find ways to make reusable medical devices easier to clean and sterilize for the sake of patient and healthcare worker safety.  For example, minimally invasive laparoscopic instruments are now manufactured in a three-piece take apart version to make cleaning and sterilizing more effective and efficient. This is the standard today with regards to laparoscopic instruments.



There are some lap instruments that cannot be produced in a take apart option and this is mostly due to the complexity of the instrument.  One such lap instrument is the reusable Olsen Cholangiogram Clamp that has been around since the early 1990s.  Princeton Medical has formed a partnership with a German manufacturer to produce the first-ever single-use (disposable) Olsen Cholangiogram Clamp.  The major benefit with this single-use instrument is that it offers 100% sterility for every patient, every time.  The reusable one-piece version significantly raises the risk of infection due to the difficulty of cleaning.


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